Update your kicks – the eco way!

If you are like me, shoelaces are never on your shopping list; and who needs another plastic covered lace in their life anyway right? I certainly don’t and to be honest I’d like pretty, patterned and unique laces that go on and on so I can pretend to be a ballerina every time I go out running.


Image via Pinterest

So – want to try this out with me, and update your shoes? They also make great stocking fillers for Christmas too!


Fabric – at least 1/2 a yard / 45cm- this will get you lots of laces, but we need to cut on the bias

Embroidery Thread


Scrap piece of A4 paper

Sewing Machine



Lay out your fabric, squaring out all of the edges so that they are straight – fold down so that you will make a pair as you cut

Fold your scrap paper at one corner – to make a square to get your template (if you have a set square you can use that, but I’ve lost mine!)

Line your template up with the bottom left corner of your fabric and make your first cut all the way along this line

Repeat in 1 inch / 2.5cm wide strips – so that you have 4 strips. 4 strips will make one lace

Pair two strips; and sew together (right sides together) at the short ends; repeat so each lace has used 4 of the strips.

Now just sew together – I’ve used jersey so it won’t fray. If you’ve used a woven fabric, you can fold the fabric in half; and press to find the centre, then fold the edges into the middle. Press again and fold in half; and then sew.

Repeat this process for the second lace

Now to secure the ends. We are going to wrap a strip of embroidery thread around the ends in the same we secured the base of the macrame pot hanger


Now – pop your new laces onto your chosen shoes and revel in your updated feet!

If you try out this tutorial, don’t forget to tag us in any posts on Instagram with the hashtag #whatawastecollective



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