Zero Waste Gifting

You might think it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas, but with all of the ideas on my mind // alongside my business, I have had to make a start on making my gifts.

Alongside the regular t-shirt or clothes I make; I have been playing around with macramé and weaves to make different sort of gifts that are both useful and pretty!

Following on from the easy macramé tutorial I shared a little while ago, today I am going to show you a really easy DIY macramé hanger;  that can work with any textile scrap, jar, plant pot or bowl!


Chosen fabric / rope / ribbon strips – I’m using 1 inch wide scrap jersey strips (to make your own jersey yarn, use Becka’s super easy tutorial on making yarn from leggings)


Bracelet or closed curtain ring



Begin with 4 lengths of your chosen fabric – cutting to about 1 inch wide X at least 50 inches long

Bunch your strips together – find the half way point, and feed through the hoop, and knot at the base

No need for fancy knots in this tutorial; you can just use simple knots all the way down and it will be secure.

Decide how far down you want the first set of knots  – and tie a knot in each pair of strips

Then; you can start to split the pairs and tie one half with another half, all the way around; and keep going to form a diamond (about 3 inches down from the first knots)

Photo 10-10-2018, 10 48 21

Repeat on another row – an  inch away

Now, as my ends are a little short, and the fabric is too thick to knot at the base, I am going to show you a funky way to add in another colour and wrap the end neatly.

Photo 10-10-2018, 10 53 24

I’ve chosen a green strip – simply lay the end of your contrast colour strip at the base of the last set of knots, and fold at end of the strips. Now start wrapping the strip around until you reach a nice finishing point.

Feed the strip you’ve been wrapping with through the loop – and then pull on the end at the top – this will pull the end up. Simply trim the excess at the top and bottom! If your ends are long enough you can simply knot at the base instead of wrapping!

Now pop your chosen pot into the holder – I’ve chosen a jar with a lid; as I am going to put some jewellery into this gift hanger! I have a smaller one with a plastic cup left over from a party yonks and yonks ago that I keep pencils in at my work space! They are so useful!


If you decide to have a go at this tutorial please share over on Instagram with the hashtag #whatawastecollective and I will give you a shout out on my page.






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