What a Waste is a blog created by Becka from Renee & Burt and Julia from Tatty Moo, together we plan to show you lots of  creative ways in which you can reduce your own textile waste and live a more sustainable life.

A Little Bit About Us…


Renee & Burt was created from an unhealthy obsession with yarn and fabric, a love for crochet and a passion to help the environment through my creations. Not being very good at sewing I have always collected pretty preowned fabrics and not had any clue what to do with them. Then one day I had a massive urge to start cutting my fabric up into strips, and I thought to myself this is it. And thats how my fabric yarns were born.

All my fabric yarns are made out of 100% textile waste that was destined for the landfill. I love that I am creating things out for what is considered as ‘rubbish’, by giving them a new source of life to create something new and beautiful. 

All my ready made creations are made from my own fabric yarns as well as preloved yarns, trims and embellishments. I love the restriction and challenge of creating something beautiful from things I find and thrift.

Renee & Burt’s aim is to help reduce the worlds textile waste sustainably and ethically not only through my products, but also to teach people how to create new things from their own textile waste.


Hi! I’m Julia Brown from TATTYMOO.com. I studied print and textile design at Uni and went on to work in the fashion industry for almost 15 years, working as a garment Technologist.

Last year I left that all behind me to move away from the city with my husband and (now) four year old son.

Since leaving full time work and living in a small village I’ve been able to focus on my family and my own business where I design/ make/photograph all my products myself.

I work with factory fabric waste, donated or thrifted clothing to create my designs,

Urging my friends and family to give me textiles they would normally think about throwing away or donating as I am working to keep them out of landfill.

Passionate about zero waste design I  keep all of the threads I trim off during sewing, even keeping the smallest of scrap fabrics so that I can remake it into new textiles.

I have recently started to go back to my uni roots and have started to screen print and dye my own fabrics using eco friendly water based inks and natural homemade dyes.