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Sewing & Craft Swap Shop

Happy Tuesday everyone, I have to admit I was MIA yesterday due to a very nasty hangover. NEVER AGAIN ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! It was worth it though to go out with my new-found friends! So in my self-induced slump I joined in with the Ethical Hour over on twitter at 8pm (every Monday) and… Continue reading Sewing & Craft Swap Shop

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What’s in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet Where did you come from my beloved tatty scarf? I remember you were found at a car boot sale by my friend and bought for a measly 50p. She and I believed you to be an  artisanal made thing of utter beauty, but you told… Continue reading What’s in a name?

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Pillow Talk – make your own fun cushion

You know how I'm always asking you to keep hold of your scrap fabrics and threads? Now is the time to use them! Today I am going to walk you through making a quick and easy cushion tutorial to brighten any room! And BONUS feature - the way I make the outer cushion cover is… Continue reading Pillow Talk – make your own fun cushion

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When life gives you lemons

I feel like I've been off the ball this week - I've been going to bed so late because I have been doing my printing and sewing once my son is in bed. I am utterly exhausted.  I  am really looking forward to my husband coming home on Saturday! I've missed him so much! I… Continue reading When life gives you lemons

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Tired of Wires… Lost in Bra-Bra Land

I stopped wearing wired bras sometime last year when I was totally fed up of being stabbed by wires and just feeling utterly MEH with them. I had shopped around a lot and found no decent supportive wire free bras that were good for my mahoosive bangers. It wasn't until I found Lucky Sew and… Continue reading Tired of Wires… Lost in Bra-Bra Land