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Studio Tour

Morning everyone! I've been working hard the past few weeks on getting my studio looking good - and organising all  my stuff properly! You can tell this week's posts were mainly around sorting!! Next Friday (June 1st) you need to keep an eye out on my Instagram as I'm going to be a very exciting… Continue reading Studio Tour

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DIY Zero Waste Legging Yarn

I had some really tired, faded and holely leggings that were unfortunately beyond repair, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you how to make your own fabric yarn from a tired piece of clothing. Take your pair of leggings and cut them in half. Cut along the leggings just before… Continue reading DIY Zero Waste Legging Yarn


Trying to go minimal… a mammoth task.

Having worked in fashion for nearly 15 years it's safe to say I've accumulated a lot of swag over the years from sample sales, freebie friday's and over use of the staff discount. It has literally been about a year since I bought anything new clothes-wise for myself. I've made it if I have wanted… Continue reading Trying to go minimal… a mammoth task.

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DIY Scrappy Fabric Boho Bracelet/Anklet

Hey all! If your like me you have lots of tiny bits of fabric you love but have no idea what to do with, yet you can't bear to part with them! Today I want to share with you how to make a scrappy fabric boho bracelet/anklet, it will be the cutest little accessory with… Continue reading DIY Scrappy Fabric Boho Bracelet/Anklet

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Zero Waste Kimono

Today I wanted to share with you a really quick and easy tutorial for making your very own zero-waste kimono. I've made lots of kimonos over the years and this is really the most simple way Why is it zero-waste? Well the pattern uses up a nice square of your fabric - meaning that there… Continue reading Zero Waste Kimono

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Sustainable Yarns

I have been asked to write a post for an online magazine about sustainable yarn which as you can imagine I am super excited about. While doing my research however I discovered that yarns that are promoted as ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ may not be as Earth happy as they make out. Yarns made out of… Continue reading Sustainable Yarns

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Patchwork for the future

Patchwork. Not always seen as cool or on trend; but it certainly is sustainable, and a great way to repair clothes and homewares; and also a perfect way to create new fabric.   Thanks to designers like Zero Waste Daniel - patchwork is becoming more in fashion. He uses this techniques to create masterful collages;… Continue reading Patchwork for the future