pouffe de la pouffe

My fabric & thread scrap bin is full. It’s time to use those little bits of fluff up for a new project. Remember the fabric pumpkins I made for Halloween last year? Well around that time, I made a few ottoman pouffes for my house. Two in my lounge, one in my sons room. I think I have enough scraps for at least two more.

Now there are two shapes you can make – round and sqaure. Today I’m going to show you how to make the round version, next week I’ll take you through the square box version.

What you’ll need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Large round object to use as a template
  • Scrap paper
  • Fabric
  • Filling for the pouffe – I’m using fabric scraps but you can use old clothes
  • Sewing Machine & Thread
  • Scissors
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Pins

First, you need to decide how big you want your pouffe to be. I’m going to use the bottom of my dye pot to create my template (currently being used to dye some linen in my homemade avocado dye). Just draw around it onto some scrap paper – this will be the top and bottom of your pouffe.

To determine the centre panel width x length – just decide how deep you want your pouffe to be – I’m going to make mine 10 inches deep (I’m only making a small pouffe). The total length will be the full circumference of your template – measure this and make a note. Make sure you add on 1 inch for seam allowance to all of your pattern pieces

Pin your templates to your fabric and cut out 2 in the circle pattern, and one in the long rectangle. Cut two additional small strips 5 inches x 3 inches, this will be the handle.

First – make your handle. Right sides together – sew the small strips together along each long edge and turn the right way – pop to one side.

Next, sew your long rectangle middle section together at the short ends forming a loop – right sides together, with the handle folded in half and sandwiched in the centre – all raw edges together.

You are ready to pin the top and bottom pieces to the middle section. Once pinned (right sides together) – sew your bottom piece, carefully removing the pins as you sew. Repeat with the top piece, but leave an opening of about 3 inches to turn the pouffe the right way out, and then stuff.

Once you are happy with the amount of stuffing – sew the pouffe closed using a ladder stitch. ensure you knot off at the start and end of your stitching.

Place in situ and marvel in your scrap busting super pouffe. Remember, you can make this any size you want! I wanted mine to go in our playroom for the toddlers I sit for, so I made it quite small!

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