Use it, don’t throw it.

What do you keep, recycle or get rid of in your kitchen? Do you hold on to your glass jars, or wash them off and pop them into the recycling?

Do you do the same with your tins? Well – both can be reused in so many ways. Glass jars can be used as cute storage pots, and hipster tumblers.

A small collection of my tins. I’ve put the lids aside for now for another project

This week, I’m focusing on the good old tin. It’s been reused over time as a good old pair of stilts, to old school phones (any kids these days even know that phones once had cords?!), it has its many uses. I’ve been upcycling photo frames using spray paint this week – I forgot I had (I used it for some of my wedding decorations 8 years ago) and had the idea to do the same to some of the tins I’ve been saving.

my fresh looking frames.

After a good old wash, and soak in water – the tin label came off, only leaving a bit of glue residue, which came off with a knife.

masked off ready for a big old stripe

Once dry – I went outside, and I just laid down my scrap wallpaper to protect my garden stones, placed my tins upside down, stood well back – and sprayed. I masked off a few sections to make some stripe details and did my thing. Not long after they were all dry and ready to go.

How easy was that? Imagine the designs you could do. Animal stripes. Dots. Faces. Words. Go creative crazy and do what you want! You could even marble with old nail polishes (you’ll need an old tray or deep dish, a bit of water and pour and swirl away…) – the possibilities are endless. You can buy eco friendly spray paint now (mine was so old so forgive me, but I’m a big advocate of using what you have first) which is toxic free, organic and just loads better from most shops if you look hard enough (or ask).

Now – what am I going to do with my new funky pots? Use them of course. I have so many trinkets in my studio, pens and pencils, pom poms, they’ll be well used!

All. Of. The. Stationery
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