Revamp Your Home. The DIY Way.

I made a few foot pouffs last year, and still have some of the fabric left over. I love how bright and bold it is, and realised that my sofas are still lacking in the colour I crave!

I’d made a lot of cushions with my son last summer, and as fun as they are, they’ve slowly made their way into the playroom! So, I am going to revamp the ones I have left, by simply adding a new slip cover!


What you’ll need :

  • Fabric for front and back of cushion
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine, Pins & Thread
  • Cushion you are going to cover
  • Iron & board

First, measure your cushion. My moody stag cushion I’m going to cover is 17 inches square. Your front fabric needs to be an inch bigger on the width and length – so mine will be 18 x 18 inches.

You need to two pieces for the back – to be 4 inches shorter than your front. So I’ll make mine 18 x 14 inches. Cut two pieces to your size.

Turn over and press a 1cm hem on one end of the back piece – sew to secure.

Pin the back pieces to the front – right sides together – the back pieces will overlap to form the envelope once sewn. Sew all the way around, carefully removing the pins as you sew. Snip the corners to give a clean finish (when you turn it the right way around). Press it nicely, and you are ready for your cushion transformation. You can make these to any size cushion, just add on 1 inch seam allowance and allow for a 4 inch overlap for the back pieces by making them 4 inches smaller in depth!

I love that I no longer have the moody stag, but when I am the mood he can come out again! I have some more cushions that need a lift so I’ll see you on the other side!

Happy crafting!


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