You’ve made your own bra. Now make your own pants

Let’s get straight to it. Want to be more sustainable? Get making your own, stop buying new.

So easy.


  • An old tee-shirt
  • Elastic / you can pick up from your local haberdashery – go for a nice thin elastic in a pretty colour
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine & thread
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Scrap paper & pen/pencil
  • Nice pair of pants you like the fit of (a pair you already own – I’ve chosen my fave most expensive pair from Lonely Lingerie)

Ok! First you need to make your pattern. Lay your pants on the paper (on a flat surface) and trace around the back first – draw a straight line where the back gusset seam is

Roll the pants down, drawing the shape of the gusset as you go, then trace around the front accordingly. As you can see I added a little extra width each side to accomodate for the elastic stretch.

Draw on the front gusset seam / this little section will be the pattern for your gusset lining. I folded my pattern in half and added on seam allowance, to make sure it was completely even. I then cut it out.

Lay on your pattern on the fabric, and cut out the pants and a little piece for the gusset from any scraps you have left over.

Lay your gusset on the pant (match up with the marks on your pattern) and sew in place, using right sides together at the top and bottom.

Sew the side seams together (right sides together) and then flip out the right way.

Measure the Elastic length needed at the waist and legs against the pair you used for your pattern / cut three pieces in total

Sew the waist elastic into a loop and attach to the pant right side together / stretching on the elastic as you sew / use a zig zag stitch ( I used my overlocker as I’m having technical issues with my sewing machine! It’s off for repair on Thursday)

Same method for sewing on the leg elastic

You can at this point top stitch with a decorative zig zag to keep the elastic in place, however my sewing machine is not playing ball today so we will leave that step off, but you can see this post on how I did that for your DIY bra.

All done! Woop woo!

If you have a go at making your own pants using this tutorial, please comment below with your links and tag me on Instagram

Happy Upcycling!



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