Sock it to em’

I love socks. Odd socks. Comedy socks. Printed socks. But I don’t want to buy anything new this year so I’m going to make my own.

I make my own undies and clothes so why not socks?

I dug around for a few patterns and realised that it was just as easy to copy my own favourite pair and get creative.

Today I’m going to show you how to make your own, and I’m going to add some fun printed details too – so get your printing hat on too.


Socks for your pattern

Stretch jersey fabric – this could be anything from an old teeshirt, leggings or even just some spare fabric you have laying around. As long as it has stretch.

Decorative elastic of your choosing


Sewing machine & thread (overlocker is perfect too – but if you have a standard machine a zig zag stitch will be ok too)


Acrylic paints or fabric paint

Cork from a wine bottle/Lego brick or another fun household item shape you don’t mind getting paint on!

Fold your fabric in half – stretch going along the width of the sock; and lay your sock on / pinning in place on the fold. Cut two like this (use the one you have already cut out as your template for the other one) and lay flat on a table ready to print.

Go crazy here and add whatever print you want on the right sides of your socks.

Once dry, iron on a high heat with baking paper protecting the print to set your design and sew the socks up along the back seam (right sides facing inwards).

Then, fold the sock flat, with the centre back seam facing upwards. Press the toe flat, and sew straight across. Trim the excess.

Measure the width at the top edge of the sock / and cut the lace this length for each sock

Sew the lace into a loop – right sides together

Add on the lace at the top edge / right side together – ensure that if it has a scallop on it – that the scallop faces down (so when you press it up the lace edge is showing)

I’m a big fan of odd socks 🙂

All done! Flash your ankles in style and step proudly into Spring with your totally awesome you-made socks.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with! I’m going to go a bit cheeky and do a version of the sheer ones in my inspiration image at the top of this post. What are your dream pairing (pun intended)?

For those of you who read my DIY pant post last week you’ll be pleased to know my sewing machine has been repaired! Woohoo! Follow my sewing capers over on my Instagram and with the hashtag #tattymoo or #whatawastecollective

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