Print, Sew. Repeat

After a mini hiatus, I’ve been back creating new stuff from old, letting my creativeness flow.

Did you manage to check back on my previous post on printing? Lots of cool DIY tips of you don’t own a screen or stencils. Basically a menagerie of fun how-tos using objects around your home!

This week, it’s down to the good stuff. Classic screen printing with an eco twist.

I use standard mesh screens, that I can reuse over and over again as all of the stencils I make are also reusable. The quality of the print is down to the stencil and inks.

photo 18-01-2019, 11 07 04

I use waterproof Xerox ‘paper’ and cut all my stencils out by hand. The inks I use are a mix from Bobbinhood or from uk retailer Hunt The Moon / and are eco-friendly water based so much friendlier for the environment.

Here are some of my hand cut stencils

I like to print on all different fabrics and finished garments. I experimented last week on patterned fabric remnants, and am really happy with the results. I’m not sure what to use them for yet, but I have an idea I’m playing with!

Have you ever tried screen printing or want to give it a go?

Head to my post ‘Love your clothes again‘ for more details. If you can share on Instagram with the hashtag #whatawastecollective I’ll share my favourites on my stories.

Julia xx

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