New Year.. Changemaker Challenge

Happy New Year! I know it’s already the 15th, and so much has happened already, but it has been the first time I can sit down to write in a while.

How was your Christmas and New Years? I had a pretty chilled holiday season with my family, and to be honest, it’s taken a while to get back into the swing of things! My little boy went back to school last week, and by Wednesday he was so wiped out, he was off for the rest of the week 😦

So, what’s new with me? Well, I have started babysitting for a few friends, just a few

photo 26-12-2018, 14 49 46

hours here and there, but it is money in my pocket that I can save – instead of plundering back into my business! It’s nice to have a few nights away from home to myself too – which brings me to my first new craft endeavour. Punch Needle. I’m addicted. I now have three punch needle tools, and have one completed project.

I’ve just finished the punching on another mini project – and it’s on my sewing pile to make into a little purse. It’s going to be so cute!

photo 13-01-2019, 17 13 10

I have been watching Tidying Up on Netflix and was inspired to organise my home! Ibegan in the lounge with my books, then went to my bedroom. It’s a nice process to fold things in a way you can see them, and it also gives me another use for all of the boxes I like to keep!

A big thing for me this month has been taking part in the #meetthechangemakerchallenge over on Instagram. It’s helping me to refine my content but also to really think about my mission. It’s also an awesome hashtag to follow to see other great changemakers and connect with them. Here are some of the photos I’ve been taking! You can tell I’ve been a fan of the good old flat lay!

What else? Oh yes.. in the big ‘tattymoo tidy-up’ I finally went through my bead and jewellery making stuff, and have put together a photo 12-01-2019, 17 35 52box for upcycler Readorn who I met on Instagram. Inspired by Imakestagram (Rachel Burke) Charlie and I had a fun Bedazzling session at the weekend; and made these two snazzy pairs of sunglasses. I think I’m a bit addicted and am going to bedazzle some wine bottles for my studio.

Last but not least, I have set up an Instagram and Facebook Competition to win a custom weave. Head over to this post to find out more!

photo 11-01-2019, 08 30 16

I am planning on getting started with some more textile waste tutorials; the first (next week) will be on printing; following some feedback on my social media.

If you want to check out some other posts I have done on DIY printing – head to this blog post

Check ya later! Happy New Year!

Julia x

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