Pretty Trashy – Recycled Wreaths

I saw a while ago on SewYeah’s Instagram stories that she had started making pom-poms from plastic bags, and I was totally inspired to use all of the non-recyclables I’d be stashing in my kitchen cupboard to make something pretty.

Well last week she announced that she was making decorations for her town made out of bottles and bags – and they look utterly epic. I mean WOW. So when Charlie (my five-year old) announced yesterday before school that he wanted to do Christmas Crafts when he got home from school – I thought, YES! Here is the moment I needed to bring this idea to fruition!

Here is what you will need to create your own trash wreath/chandelier

Supplies:Photo 22-11-2018, 10 10 24

Plastic Bags

Crisp packets,

Sweet Bags

Any plastic wrappers that you would normally recycle at the supermarket

Yarn scraps

Fabric scraps

Wire hoops

Pom Pom Maker


Any other craft stuff you think will add that extra zing to your thing.

Instructions – Fabric Wreath:

With your fabric strips – you are going to loop these onto the hoop. You don’t need a crochet hook to do this, as it is big enough to do with your fingers:

First –  tie your strip to the hoop and ensure it is secure. Lift up the end closest to where you have knotted it on; and thread the free end back and under – bringing it back through the loop – and pull tight – you have made your first stitch. Continue until you have filled your hoop – with whatever colour or fabrics you like.

You are ready to add any embellishments! I am going to add a big Red bow onto my fabric wreath – and keep it pretty simple – you can add whatever you like!

Then just simply hook onto door handle or nail in the wall – and your fabric wreath is good to go!

Photo 22-11-2018, 10 25 25

Instructions – Trash Wreath:

The trash wreath is made with lots of plastic pom-poms.

To make the trash pom-poms you just need to cut the bags (or whatever you have) into strips; and wrap around your pom-pom maker until it is fairly full. Tie off (leaving a long end) with your yarn, and cut off the pom-pom maker. Trim down to the shape you like; I only just trimmed a bit as I’m wanting to use as much of the bag as possible.

Next just tie onto the wire hoop – and keep going until it is all full up!

At this point you are ready to add any other details you like  – hanging pom-poms or beaded chains. I am going to add a few more pom-poms and use this pretty silver butterfly trim that I was given.


Once you have bedazzled the chandelier to your liking – you need to add the strips that it will hang from. I am going to use jersey fabric strips as they are going to be nice and strong, and won’t fray. If you have rope – this will work the same. Just tie on in three places around the hoop – in equal lengths, then knot at the top.

It is now ready to hang up and wow your neighbours!


If you try this out please let me know in the comments and share over on Instagram with the hashtag #whatawastecollective





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