Ten Ways to Upcycle Your T-Shirt – Part 10

Do you have a white t-shirt that is no longer quite white, or has a stain on it that you cannot shift?

Photo 22-09-2018, 12 04 39

I had three such offending tops in my wardrobe, and over the weekend I decided to try out avocado dye again (if you remember I have done a lot of natural dyes, but the avo dye I tried earlier this year was very pale). I’ve been saving all the stones, and freezing the skins for the past two weeks from our salad and bagel lunches! Feeling like I had enough I popped them all into my big dye pot (an old Jam pot my mother in law gave me earlier this year) and covered in water. On a low heat I left it to boil. Once boiled, I  lowered the heat to 2; and chucked in the tops.

One of the tees I folded up shibori style and tied with fabric before putting into the pot. I left them on the heat for about an hour – then popped the pot (once cooled) onto the side to develop.

I left them for a total of 3 days; agitating the solution every time I went into the kitchen.

Last night I threw in another stone and the skin from dinner and popped it back on the heat for an hour, then emptied the water, put the skins and stones to one side and drained off and dried the tops.

I have ironed them all this morning and I am happy with the colour. A very soft hue still; but a lovely peach shade has developed.

I’m really happy with the final result – and what is more they smell so lovely; and will make a lovely layering piece this fall. I think I am going to make some nude underwear to compliment the colouring.

If you try any of our DIY’s please share over on Instagram with the hashtag #whatawastecollective and we will share on our stories

Now that I have finished my ten part series, is there any other upcycle projects you would like to see? Let me know in the comments x

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