DIY, Sustainable Fashion

Patchwork for the future

Patchwork. Not always seen as cool or on trend; but it certainly is sustainable, and a great way to repair clothes and homewares; and also a perfect way to create new fabric.


Thanks to designers like Zero Waste Daniel – patchwork is becoming more in fashion. He uses this techniques to create masterful collages; he uses illustrator to plan his images beforehand, and adds lines that helps him create his pattern for his final design.


I have all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and different materials in my fabric boxes,  drawers and tubs! Believe me when I say it is starting to take over my house!

I patchwork my fabric together in a lot of different ways – sometimes I start by sorting my scraps into colour and fabric type (stretch/woven) and other times I just sit with my scrap bin next to me and pick up whatever is at the top; and start sewing.

It really just depends on what day it is, or what project I am planning to work on!

At the event on Saturday in London, one of the questions about scrap fabrics and factory offcuts, was how small are we talking? Well sometimes it is a very small piece; but once joined with other scraps we get a much larger piece that is easier to work with.

I’m going to start making rolls of up to 5m long that I will be selling on my website! I’m going to start on a colour by colour basis,  using tonal shades like I have with this pink fabric I made.



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